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The Box is the perfect resource that saves you time and money.  There are over 200 jargon free articles, videos, downloadable templates and checklists and simple tools to help. The flowchart structure means you only go down the route you are interested in.

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Revenue Target Calculator (RTC)

Our Revenue Target Calculator makes working out your sales targets, simple.

No need to work through complex, complicated or daunting spreadsheets.

Just plug in what you want to take out of your business each month, your costs and sales prices and the RTC will work out your targets for you.

You can save, edit and print as many versions of it as you like.

As you grow, so do your overheads. Before you make any financial commitments,  you can make a copy of your current RTC,  plug in the new potential cost and it will work out how much you need to sell, in order to confidently make the new commitment.

Indexes and Directories

Our indexes and directories are broken down into information that is only relevant to you, including:
  • Allowable expenses for sole traders and partners in a LLP
  • List of car-derived vans and combi-vans that you can reclaim VAT on
  • VAT rates for reduced, exempt and zero-rated goods and services


Tools on The Box help you work out:
  • The number of chargeable days you work per year, taking into account time off and time spent on non-chargeable activities like marketing
  • The impact on your profits when you become VAT registered 
  • How much your company will have to pay on top of your employee's gross salary
  • If switching to the Flat Rate Scheme for VAT is better for your business.


Templates and checklists you can download, to help you run your business, including:
  • A cashflow forecasting template
  • A sales invoice template
  • HMRC's new employee starter checklist
  • An employee expense claim template
  • Letter templates for your workplace pension scheme
  • A Health and Safety risk assessment template


Our videos show you how easy it can be to understand business jargon and gain relevant knowledge in a way that makes sense to you. These include:
  • Understanding Standard Accounting for VAT
  • Practical tips on how to do your bookkeeping

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Our articles are written in plain English and we do our best to maximise your understanding by minimising the use of business jargon.