Looking for an easy way to ensure you are making enough money each month?

Are you a pre-startup and want to know if your idea is financially viable before you start?

If you are already in business, are you making sales but not making enough money and are constantly worrying about being able to pay the next tax bill?

 Traditional solutions to work out your sales targets tend to include complicated spreadsheets that usually require an adviser or coach to help you use them.

The Revenue Target Calculator (RTC) is the revolutionary tool that simplifies everything. It's a 5 step process that starts with you plugging in what you need to take out of your business each month. The RTC works out the sales target you need to achieve, to cover all your costs (including tax) and leave you with the money you need.

You can play around with it until you are happy that the target is achievable and can do it on your own and in your own time!

Watch the two videos below for more!
How the RTC works!
A simple 5 step process. No complicated spreadsheets!
The three keys numbers in business

Watch this video to see how small changes in your costs impact on the net profit you are left with.