“When your Armour is on, it’s too late to retreat!” – Juvenal


According to the Cambridge dictionary, self-confidence is ‘the belief that you can do things well and that others respect you’. It’s the armour you need to feel good about yourself and create the life you want and deserve.

Unfortunately, we aren’t born with limitless self-confidence. It comes from within and only we can build it up. 

The Office for National Statistics reported that in 2015, of the 5.4 million businesses in the UK, 4.1 million of them were non-employing companies.

To put it in perspective that means, in 2015, 76% of businesses were run solely by the person who started it. That number has grown since. 

So, that’s a minimum of 4.1 million individuals who rely on their self-confidence to build a strong and successful business. It is down to them to overcome obstacles and succeed. So, if your self-confidence needs building up, what steps can you take to help? Here are four practical things you can do:

1. Concentrate on your successes and learn from your failures

Set yourself small, achievable goals to start with and build up to harder goals, as your self-confidence builds.

Keep a list of your achievements and make time to remind yourself of how amazing you are and what you have achieved.

Learn from your failures and accept them for what they are, an opportunity to learn and grow.

2. Care for yourself

If you feel good physically, emotionally and socially, you will feel good about yourself too.

If there is no-one else to help run and grow your business, you need to ensure you look after you, just as much as you look after your business.

3. Learn to say no

In business, especially in the early years, it’s very easy to say yes to everyone and everything because you are so keen to get your business off to a flying start. The downside to this is that you may find you always busy but you just aren’t making enough money.

Set clear, strong business boundaries. This will lead to happier clients who know what to expect and who respect you for what you do. Because you are in control, your self-confidence increases too.

4. Visualise yourself as who you want to be

We all have an inner critic who pops up when the going gets tough. It’s only purpose it to reinforce why we aren’t good enough to be who and what we want to be.

Visualise the version of yourself that you want to be and see yourself achieving your goals.

As Napoleon Hill says “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

When you make the decision to start a business, you need all the self-confidence you can muster to go for it. It’s your armour. As time passes, you will face obstacles and challenges that will chink your armour. It’s up to you to keep it strong!

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