Is it all too much?


All you have to do everyday is:

  1. Keep running your business profitably
  2. Keep acquiring new clients
  3. Keep looking after your existing clients
  4. Keep your staff happy
  5. Pay your bills including your tax bill
  6. Keep being able to afford to pay for numbers 4 and 5!
  7. Have a great work/life balance
  8. Have time to do the things that you enjoy doing outside of work

Simple, right? So how DO you make it all happen and still stay sane, have a balanced life and keep your stress levels down?

This challenge everyone! It all boils down to time management, doesn’t it? We all have the same time in a day - 1,440 minutes. None of us can hoard it or save it and all of us must spend it.  But how do you work out what to do and in what order? How do you stay focused especially when you are constantly being bombarded by distractions via email, mobile, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and other people adding to your ‘to do’ list?

I have a simple tool that helps me stay focused on what I want to achieve both in my business and in my life. By clearly defining and writing down What my goals and ambitions are and understanding Why they are what they are, I can plan When I’m going to achieve them and How it’s going to happen. It works both in my business and in my life!

It works because it’s not about ‘time management’ but ‘attention management’.

Attention is a limited resource that is self-reinforcing. We attract more of whatever we pay our attention to regardless of whether it is a positive or negative thing.

Regularly paying attention to something positive that is in line with our goals leads us to maximising productivity and we can achieve the most, given the same amount of time. On the other hand, if we allow our attention to be drawn to something negative that is not in line with our goals, we lose focus and end up not achieving them.

Once you get into the habit of paying attention to things and activities that are in line with your goals and ambitions, it becomes a habit and part of your life and who you are.

So, spend a bit of time working out what your three Ws (What, Why, When) are and then plan the How.  It makes achieving numbers 1 to 9 above, much easier than you think!

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