How ‘SPIN’ing can take you to the ‘Top’ of the class for potential customer engagement


You’ve got a great product or service and you KNOW it solves the problems of your perfect customer but how do you break into the market and encourage people to buy your product or service?

People like to buy from people they like, know and trust. We all like to feel understood. To feel listened to and cared about.

More often than not, marketing messages promote the features and benefits of the product or service being marketed. The message conveys a pre-set idea of the solution without showing an understanding of what the problem is.

Neil Rackham, the author of SPIN Selling
, found that more sales can be achieved by focussing on a specific pattern of words, which have since become widely known as SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication and Need-payoff)

When engaging with your potential customers, keep SPIN in mind to optimise your success.

     Ask questions/show that you understand your potential customer and their background.

     Ask questions/show that you understand the problem that is a result of their situation.

     Show that you understand the consequences of not finding a solution to their problem.

     Explain why your product or service is the perfect solution to solve their problem.

The power behind SPIN is knowing who your perfect customer is. Focus on selling the problem you solve for them and not your product.

How could you use SPIN in your current marketing? 

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