Dealing with change positively

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The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus is quoted to have said, “Nothing is permanent, but change”.

So how can you increase your chances of being one of the winners, when it comes to dealing with change?

Accept that change will always happen
It seems obvious but the more we accept and understand that change will happen, the less upset and surprised we will be when it does.

Be aware of what changes might be on the horizon
Schedule time in your diary to keep up to date with the latest articles and views on what is likely to change in your industry.

Talk to others
Communication is always important but especially when it comes to dealing with change.  Talk to other people that you know and get involved with discussions on industry forums in whatever social media platform you use.

Part of the worry with change is dealing with the unknown. By talking to others and understanding how they plan to deal with it, you can minimise that fear.

Do a regular assessment of your business
Schedule in a regular SWOT analysis of your business - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses in your business, and being aware of the possible changes ahead, you have a better chance of dealing with them effectively and efficiently.

Be flexible
Change insists on flexibility. The more you are able to adapt, the greater your chances of being successful.

See the big picture
Identify the positive opportunities that come with the changes and keep a big picture perspective. The changes may mean an opportunity to say goodbye to processes that have been getting in the way of your success.

With the
right attitude and actions, you will deal with changes in a pro-active, positive and effective way and will be ready for when the next set of changes come along too! 

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